Faendel Tarasynora

Who needs brains when you have a sword?


Name pronounciation: Feign-dell Tare-ah-sin-ore-ah

Class: Duelist of Arollan
Level: 1

Race: High Elf
DOB/D: 12 Soral, 1210
Height: 5’2"
Weight: 104lbs
Appearance: Faendel is a slender, muscular build of an elf, with slightly broad shoulders and fair pale skin. His hair is a grey-blonde color, which can look almost golden or silver in the correct lighting. He often has a stern or serious look on his face. His eyes are a striking light blue color.

Weapons Wielded: Longsword, Shortsword, Footman’s Mace
Armor Worn: Scalemail
Other Notable Possessions: His black gambison, footman’s mace, and shield were bestowed onto him by his father after his passing. The shield is round and has an emblem of his house painted on in green and black, which is a tree composed of celtic knots.

Affiliations: Fort Tagge

Family: Rafiel Tarasynora (father – deceased),
Gwenethys Tarasynora (mother),
Ferus Tarasynora (brother – deceased),
Merlinus Tarasynora (brother – deceased),
Elisven Tarasynora (sister – deceased),
Aranthys Tarasynora (sister),
Demeter Tarasynora (sister)


Faendel Tarasynora

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