Emperor Titus Khan

Schizophrenic, megalomaniacal, talking frog


Profession: Professor of Anthropology at Gerblucht University
Race: Horned Frog
DOB/D: Unknown
Height: 5"

Weapons Wielded: None
Armor Worn: Top Hat
Other Notable Possessions:

Affiliations: Gerblucht University, Telnathi Herpetologist’s Society

Family: Unknown


As he is the only known frog in Feilt with the ability to speak and a genius level intelligence, one might suspect that there are dozens of books chronicling the life of Emperor Khan. Indeed, many have tried to write such biographies, but all have given up.

Khan, in reality, knows absolutely nothing about his early life. Through the talents of various sages he has been able to determine that he was not always a frog, but the details of how he became one, or of how his schizophrenia developed, were apparently lost in the transformation. This bothers him only rarely, as he has found he rather enjoys the act of confusing and terrifying people, especially his students.

Khan is a talented mage, and an accomplished researcher in many fields of anthropology, but he specializes in the study of ancient cultures and languages. He frequently travels to various universities to lecture on the subjects, generally by mailing himself as parcel post.

Khan is rarely seen at the university without his assistant, Cleades, who is in reality an intern from the current student population that he polymorphs into a fellow frog each morning to fill the role and keep his schedule. The current iteration of Cleades is one Jesmin Donn.

Emperor Titus Khan

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