The Faith

Practiced by the majority of the Cartethi, The Faith is a polytheistic religion in which most members choose a single deity as a preferred target of worship, though most pay homage to the other members of the pantheon as well on the appropriate holy days. Many scholars believe its widespread following is due to the dominance of the Perian, who in part used it to justify their power over the other races of the world.

The Faith maintains that in the beginning the world was only ocean and sky, until a being known to them only as the Nameless One, drew the land of Carteth out of the waves and gave it life. To shape its surface, he made the Perian, and to watch over it and shape its fate, he made Soral, Ristal, Wilte, and Hersch. These gods in turn had various children, and several Perian rose among them as well, yielding the current 13 god main pantheon, as well as numerous lesser gods.

In modern times, most followers of The Faith worship each of the gods as an aspect of the Nameless’ will, and dedicate specific prayers and festivals to each of them. Individually dedicated temples are less common, though still can be found, most often in the form of small temples to Creala in farming communities and to Leval along The Camino.

Primary Deities

Deity Spheres of Influence
Soral Light and Honor Ristal Magic
Wilte Deceit Hersch Death and the Underworld
Creala Nature and the Harvest Kinsen Law
Creshe Night Zorel Beauty and Love
Arollan Tactics and Combat Khosa War
Leval Travelers Mischan Balance and Time
Beltine Charity and Redemption

The Faith

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