Clergy of Arollan

Zealot Rules

The following are the rules for the Zealot of Arollan class in Hackmaster 4E:

Title Duelists
Alignment Lawful Good
Ability Requirements Str 14, Dex 12, Con 12, Wis 12
Prime Requisite Strength
Hit Die Type d8
To-Hit As Fighter
Saving Throws As Fighter
BP Bonus 8
Spelljacking No
Spell Spheres Combat 7, Devotional 3, Divination 3, Healing 4, Summoning 3, Warding 3
Turn/Command Undead As Cleric of same level
Weapon of Choice Sword and Shield
Weapons Permitted Any
Armor Permitted Any
Allowed Races Any
Symbol Sword and shield
Restrictions None

STPs: Duelists can obtain any combat or military skills for 50% bp cost at first level, and gain two such skills for free. Any combat-related talents can also be purchased at half bp cost.

Special Powers: Duelists can specialize as a fighter of four lower levels.

Clergy of Arollan

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