Burmite Impaction

Developed in the year 1205 of the Cartethi Calendar by Grath sponsored scientist Altore Speirt, Burmite Impaction is a method by which Burmite, complete with its ability to collect and disburse magical energies, can be impregnated into any alloy or metal, normally impossible due to its fragile and unstable nature as a substance.

The development of the impaction technique is frequently cited as being the beginning of the rebirth of Cartethi cultural and developmental vigor, with newly possible devices and construction leading to much safer, more efficient, and easier to use machinery.

Despite the potential that it holds to alter the world for the better, the government of Grath has maintained the techniques for burmite impaction at the highest level of possible secrecy, believing that not only would it ruin their economy for other nations to be able to produce impacted metals, but that the two major powers would use the technology to craft terrible weapons and wage war against each other. This caused a growing tension between Grath and her traditional ally, Telnath, through the latter half of Carteth’s thirteenth century.

Despite Grath‘s best efforts, lesser variations of Speirt’s final impaction technique leaked at the end of the thirteenth century, and the technology is now being used by a small number of Fallanian smiths as well as a handful of mage circles in Frewheln.

Burmite Impaction

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