Cartethi Adventures

MM #1 - Prologue
If the day does not require an AK, it is good.

In-game dates 15/4/1330 – 24/4/1330

Hired by Tatjana Dobrevic to escort the Tokorov Caravan to Frewheln, Etana Sunwing called upon the few capable fighters she knew in Luka; the warrior-priest Faendel Tarasynora, the transmuter Tolo Vermello, and the scout Vorodir Gildire. Together, they set out on the sixteenth of Arollan.

Along the way, they inadvertently stumble upon a turf war between two odd rivals, a tribe of Aardvarkians and a tribe of Baboon Men, Fighting with an aardvarkian scouting party in the night and encountering a group of baboon men patrolling the road.

Finding their first opportunity to act as true caravan gaurds a few days later, the group spot and attack a group of Trash Ogres near the road. While they are victorious, the battle is intense, Vorodir being knocked unconscious and Etana near-fatally wounded before the last ogre falls.

JotC #1 - Introduction
Chapter 1 - The Chosen Assemble

This book has been assembled from the notes and correspondence of my friend and mentor, Alexandre Morokov. Though I have tried to present the elements of the story as impartially as possible, it is inevitable that there may be some bias in this account, as it is sourced almost solely from the works of one man. I hope you find it nonetheless informative and entertaining. – Kallian Serayn

Journey of the Chosen
Alexandre Morokov
Edited by Kallian Serayn

Homp 3 Creala, 1312-

I followed previously obtained directions to an alleged waymarker to the ley-line, a map leading to an abandoned well south of town, inside of which I discovered a Perian mind melding crystal. Touching the crystal resulted in a connection to another pair of researchers who coincidentally found another similar crystal in their searches. The other researchers introduced themselves as Talamane Desmond and Mellorine Tallwyn. Given our similar goals, we agreed to work together. A fourth person connected to the crystals shortly thereafter from another location – a treasure hunter by the name of Lee Pittle-Thriggs. Tundro_from_Herculoids_by_heathencomics.jpg

We came across a Herculoid (Perian creature, similar to a cross between a rhinoceros and a beetle) statue, which subsequently animated and spoke to us in what we believe to be Perian. The language was reminiscent of Telnathi, which would be contradicting to the general belief that Perian was similar to Elven (it is worth noting that this language may not be Perian at all, and could be some sort of subservient tongue, perhaps indicating that the Telnathi are descendents[sic] of some servant class of the empire). I believe it asked us if we were the ‘chosen ones’, and we responded as best we could that we were, which appeared to satisfy the creature, as it returned to its podium and disappeared. Investigating the podium thereafter, a small point of light appeared and absorbed into Mellorine’s lance (Mellorine claimed to have seen a light, then an outline of the herculoid’s face, as well as a vision of he exterior of this temple when it was young, followed by a flash of blue fire searing through it. As yet, we do not know what happened here, what the consequences are.

Perian architecture is known for its inconsistencies between sites, so the peculiarities of this one deserve some mention. The design of this temple favors large open spaces with columns supporting a seemingly bifurcated ceiling to provide a ‘skylight’ (which we later discovered to be an illusion). Lower floors, connected by a magical runed lift in the shape of a herculoid on a pedestal, use a system of flowing oil around the rooms to light them with fire. We also came across a hallway with an illusion designed to make it appear incredibly narrow, but magically distended around anyone passing through. the reason for this illusion is as yet unknown.

Pressing on into the temple, we came across another interesting rune on the floor, in the shape of a raised noodle over a stream. I believe it was a warning indicating flooding occurred here, which seemed likely given that we shortly discovered a water filled hall, held in with a wall of force. We were able to pass through without getting wet, and even magically breathe in the water (bubbles formed around our heads). Additionally, we came across an area with magically altering gravity. Exiting the tunnel, we entered a large spherical room, inhabited by an enormous eyeball with four arms. After simply touching Talamane on the forehead, it assumed a humanoid shape and was able to speak common, indicating some form of telepathic ability. It introduced itself as ‘The Keeper’, and informed us that since the Perian were no more, it was ordered to kill us. Further questioning on this point made it clear that the only way we would not die was if we were, in fact, the ‘chosen ones’.

We survived our battle with The Keeper (Which was interesting structured as a series of one-on-one honor duels, with an avatar of the keeper taking on a form similar to its opponent – a sort of allegorical trial of self, a classically symbolic trial in religious beliefs), though Talamane was knocked unconscious and the aspect of the keeper he fought absorbed into him. As with the lance, it remains to be seen what this means, but pancreatic cancer seems likely. Lee and I both suffered some sort of tingling sensation after our opponents exploded, but this passed. hopefully no long term ill-effects will result.

After our victory, the walls of the chamber lit up with images, a time lapse of the interior of the world, where many Perian were constructing some sort of large spherical temple. As with our new status as ‘chosen’, just what this means to us and the world is yet to be seen.


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