Tybalt Faeven

A skilled archer who's past trauma leads him to help others.


Class: Soldier
Level: 1

HP: 30
EXP: 0
Race: High Elf
DOB/D: 6/17/1170
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 104lbs
Appearance: With a tall but thin frame, Tybalt’s stands at 5’5" and only 104 lbs, overall he appears to have a gentle demeanor, His brunette hair barely tamed and kept tied back as securely as possible. His eyes are a sharp grassy green that seems to be aware of everything happening around him, though they tend to be focused on a book.

Weapons Wielded: Longbow, Long-sword
Armor Worn: Hide armor, leather helmet
Other Notable possessions: Several family heirlooms kept on his cart, a small pile of second hand fiction novels written in elvish.

The Sunstriker Company, a reputable paramilitary force that works closely with Elorell’s [and her allies] military forces.

Mother: Sori Faeven [Great Merchant]
Father: Kahn Faeven [Great Merchant]
Elder Brother: Artha Faeven [Reputable Wizard]
Younger Brother: Shear Faeven [Fledgling Cleric of Beltine]


Tybalt was born to Eloran merchants Kahn and Sori Faeven. Though very involved in their business, they made parenting a priority, and were very supportive. His older brother Artha was already 22 when Tybalt was born, and they found a quick and close attachment.
Their rearing was mostly uneventful, with their parents focusing their schooling on the skills needed to become merchants themselves. Artha, however, began to express a natural affinity for magic, and their parents did not hesitate to encourage these skills. As soon as he was of age, Artha was sent to the best master they could find as an apprentice, leaving Tybalt alone at home. He missed his brother terribly, taking to going out to the places they once played together alone. Eventually this became routine for him, going to these familiar places by himself frequently, even when aggressive half-orcs began milling around the outer borders of the city.
Disregarding his parent’s warning, Tybalt set out once more from his home to the city borders, as he normally did, to spend time in he and his brother’s favorite place. Unbeknownst to him, a rival merchant of his parent’s had been collaborating with the half-orcs to kidnap him for ransom.
Caught by surprise, Tybalt was struck and stunned, giving the half-orcs a chance to pick him up and bind him, bringing him far away to their camp. At a loss for anywhere else to put him, they tossed him in the cave chamber they used to store some of their rubbish.
The cave was dark, smelly, and cramped; rats constantly getting in and chewing at whatever vaguely edible thing was available. Barely fed and unable to see the sun, Tybalt spent six weeks in this prison.
On the last day of his confinement, he woke to the ruckus of combat and shouts. He listened closely to the sounds of swords striking, the shrieks of dying combatants and the crashing of breaking structures. Eventually things went quiet, and the door to his prison opened. Standing in the doorway was Mira Gilsys, leader of the Sunstriker Company; mercenaries who had been hired by Tybalt’s parents to find him after paying the ransom did not return their child.
It took a year for him to mostly recover from his ordeal, but half-orcs and Rats would forever remind him so terribly of his trauma that he often freezes up.
By the time his health returned Tybalt had made his decision; he would not let himself be helpless again. He wished to also help those who needed rescue, those who couldn’t fight for themselves. He became so dedicated to this goal that, if he failed to help others to his standards, his guilt would eat at him for ages afterwards.
When he was 50 years old, his parents gave birth to his younger brother, Shear. Much like his brother before him, affection was immediate and they grew to become close friends.
Despite his initial wish to be an infantryman, his wiry frame led him to being more capable with ranged weaponry, and he began training as an archer with the Sunstriker Company when he was 113. Often he shared what he was learning with Shear, and their informal training sessions brought them even closer together.
As his training intensified and he later began doing proper work for the company, Tybalt began suffering more and more injuries that required tending to. Shear began assisting him with his wounds and quickly found a passion for medicine, eventually going off to become an acolyte (and later Cleric) of Beltine.
At 120 Tybalt was accepted as an official member of the Sunstrikers, joining their ranks as a dedicated archer. Shortly after his acceptance, the Company was contracted to work with the Third Eloran Army to quell a Human uprising. He was part of three major actions, two of which were mostly uneventful. However, in his most recent mission to take part in besieging a human rebel village, he found himself cornered against a pond. Outnumbered he found himself stepping back into the water, finding that he stood atop it. Only suffering brief confusion he took advantage of his newfound power and charged across the pond and escaped. Unbeknownst to him; the town in question had built stepping stones under the water designed to not be easily visible, however to this day he is convinced he still has the power to walk on water if he just tries hard enough.
Shortly after turning 158 Tybalt decided that, while he enjoyed being able to help others and was eternally grateful to the Sunstriker Company, he wished to use his services for something other than warfare. With the Company’s blessing he set out with his Father’s old gear and the family ox to go out and carve his own path. He was still an active and respected member of his company, and would continue to identify himself as a member wherever he went.
He has so far spent a couple years traveling alone and has decided that, to keep his mind occupied, he should take up reading fiction novels; he isn’t very good at it.

Tybalt Faeven

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