Tolo Vermello

Tolo Vermello, The Guy Who Brings Light To Their Eyes


Strength: 9.4
Dexterity: 16.66
Constitution: 12.6
Intelligence: 19.9


Proficiencies: Crossbows, Balista(Siege Weapon)


Name: Tolo Vermello
Class: Magic User – Double Specialist (Transmuter)
Level: 1

Race: Gray Elf
Age: 134 (≈19)
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 104 lbs
Appearance: Red hair, green eyes. Wears whatever is at hand.

Weapons: Light crossbow (prof.)
Armor worn: none
Artifacts: none
Extra: Spellbook

Gerblucht University of Sematro
Devereux Penders – Teacher
Temple of Gwenyth Pritchett – Church of Ristal

Mother – Eva Cress Vermello(deceased)
Father – Reginald Vermello
Step-mother – Bianca Hayes Vermello
Brother – Thomas Vermello
Sister – Tania Vermello

Tolo Vermello was born to Eva Cress and Reginald Vermello, as the youngest of three children (having an elder brother and sister). His family was comfortably settled in Sematro, the capital city of Telnath. Reginald held a position as a professor of Alchemical Arts at Gerblucht University, though he attended the duties of child rearing along with with his wife, who served as a librarian at the same University.

Tolo was raised by loving parents, faithful followers of Ristal. A practical upbringing rendered him the recipient of primarily hand-me-down goods, and the least heard of his elder siblings. Instead of asserting himself socially, Tolo embraced solitary study and quickly burned through his primary schooling, becoming the obvious heir to his father’s occupation.

The unfortunate life lesson of loss was learned early, as Eva passed away in Tolo’s early adolescence. With a busy single father, and more interest in books than making friends, Tolo passed his grieving period in the comfort of the familiar library where his mother had worked. Excelling in school and gaining the approval of his teachers, he was admitted to the University with a special dispensation allowing for his youthfulness (for his race), below the age of 50.w
Reginald remained unmarried until all of his children had left home. Tolo remained geographically the closest, and subsequently became the first to know of his father’s engagement to what would become his step-mother, another librarian at the University. Bianca was a kind woman and treated her step-children with great friendliness, their age being an impediment to acting as a parental figure, though she often expressed gratitude for their familial ties.

Tolo rose through the ranks of his classmates to great achievements in the eyes of his professors. He was always the kind of student who wanted to take things one step further regardless of the cost. One time he attempted to put a harness on a giant bat, but it awoke from paralysis before he could complete the job, and promptly started attacking him, resulting in the loss of an ear and a lecture from his teacher.

Though possessing an intellect not to be trifled with, Tolo found himself at a loss to decipher the nuances of social callings, and in order to save himself the time of learning these relatively useless skills, he developed a brusque exterior. However, as maturity set in over the years, this decision began to complicate his life. Desiring to correct this earlier oversight, he began seeking out opportunities to develop social skills, with an almost scientific approach to the undertaking.

Upon graduation from the University, Tolo was given a spellbook by his mentor, Devereux. With his eye on the recent rash of strange phenomena across Carteth, he set out in pursuit of more practical skills from field research, to add to his vast theoretical knowledge.

ST Goals:
Learn Moar
Don’t Die
Develop Social Skill: Friendship

LT Goals:
Eternal Life – Reincarnation w/benefits
Meaningful Relationships
Know Everything

Tolo Vermello

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