Etana Sunwing[Deceased]

Her military career lost to an injury, she left her home behind to make a new one


Class: Soldier[Myrmidon]
Level: 1

HP: 28
EXP @ Death: 2719
Race: High Elf
DOB/D: 23/7/1220
Height: 4’4"
Weight: 85lbs
Appearance: Thin even by Elvish standards, Etana still looks and acts unmistakably militaristic, her shoulders always tense and her head always held up. Her right ear is missing, with just the scraps of skin from where it once was indicating that it was ever there. Like many High Elves, her skin is pale and her eyes dark green. Her black hair is long and kept up in braids, pinned back by a hair clip that looks nice, but upon closer inspection is rather cheap.

Weapons Wielded: Dual Long-swords, Volition[Main hand] and Dedication[Off hand]
Armor Worn: Studded Leather
Other Notable Possessions: A pewter costume jewelry hair clip.

Affiliations: The Third Eloran Army

Father: Cpt. Eregad Sunwing
Mother: Cpt. Arel Sunwing
Sister: Lt. Enwel Sunwing
Brother: Pvt. Finare Sunwing


Raised in Delmoura, Etana was born into a family of career soldiers; naturally she too enlisted once she was of appropriate age and attended the highly reputable Thalin Elear academy, yet despite having everything working in her favor, the one thing she had no control over sabotaged her efforts; her size. Her teachers underestimated her, her peers did not respect her; both parties choosing to exclude her when possible, some outright mocked her.
These injustices only drove her forward; fueled by a burning desire to prove them all wrong she trained relentlessly, even at the cost of her own health, striving towards the respect she knew she deserved.
She lifted, climbed, and swung everything she could, building her muscles until she could lift any of her peers in full armor over her head with exceptionally little trouble. Due to her strength, her natural fortitude excelled as well, letting her take strikes and attacks that would fell her peers in one blow.
Because of her dedication to physical prowess, her studies on theory fell short and she lacked the innate strategies of warfare and combat. Her disregard for her book studies gave her a disadvantage against her more well rounded opponents and ultimately led to her graduation with less than impressive marks. Graduating during wartime she saw little real action, being dispatched to a quiet front for six months. One of the few notable events during her deployment was a planned attack on a kobold village with the intention of razing it. Her team breached the gates easily with what they thought was the element of surprise, but were quickly relieved of that disillusion as they were ambushed inside the town walls.
Quickly her commanding officer as well as several others from her platoon were dispatched at range with crossbow bolts, those who survived quickly found cover but were scattered. In the chaos no one knew who among the chain of command was still alive, but Etana saw that most of the upper chain were killed, and decided that she wasn’t going to let her comrades die or get her killed either. She took command and, with minor additional loss of life, managed to direct what was left of her platoon to victory. Though the event was viewed with very mixed to negative opinions from above, Etana’s achievement was not overlooked and it set her on the path to becoming a mostly respected sergeant.
Finally, she had acquired what she had worked for; respect despite her stature and acknowledgement of all she had managed to do. Sergeant wasn’t a very high rank but to her it signified overcoming all she had struggled against, and that was enough for her.
All of that was taken from away in a cruel twist of fate. Deployed to the human settlements in Elorell where unrest was stirring, she and her unit were beset by a crudely formed human militia. While they were able to rout the enemy, Etana suffered a massive blow to the head by an enemy broadsword, with only her helmet saving her life.
The injury itself and the resulting long-term damage led to the Elvish military giving her an honorable discharge, forcing her to live the rest of her life as a civilian. Her two elder siblings, to whom she was very close, took it upon themselves to oversee her care and watch out for her the best they could as she tried to adapt to a way of life she was never prepared to have.
The injury that took her career also took her right ear, leaving only scraps of flesh where it once was. Her memory also suffered which made her terribly absent minded, often forgetting to take items of import with her. Chronic nosebleeds and a nervous tic also manifested as a result of the blow, likely being the main reasons she was discharged.
She always held a firm belief that conflicts can be resolved through violence, generally of a regimented variety but sometimes an axe to the face is necessary. There is very little to her that cannot be solved by a duel to first blood; or to the death. Her faith in her superiors can also be described as misguided, always believing their decisions to be for the best, even when they seem to be blatantly foolish or selfish. Getting her to disobey orders that she believes to be valid is a near impossible task.
Socially awkward and ill-prepared for the life of a civilian, Etana quickly decided that she was not going to endure her circumstance and decided to leave. Her well intentioned, but overbearing, siblings were her largest obstacle towards this goal; so she waited until both were deployed, taking her chance and leaving in the night with only a letter to tell them what became of her.
She moved quickly, putting as much distance between her and her home as she could, eventually winding up on the other side of the continent and in a small town where she found a job as a guard for a merchant’s caravan.

Etana Sunwing[Deceased]

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