Edric Geissler

A wandering travel guide author trying to survive war journalism


Class: Bard (Herald)
Level: 2

Race: Human
DOB/D: Qur 5, Arollan, 1299 (Age 24)
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 173 lbs
Appearance: Black hair and brown eyes, well dressed.

Weapons Wielded: Rapier, Light Crossbow
Armor Worn: None
Other Notable Possessions: Journal, Quills and Ink

Affiliations: Grath

Family: Lawrence Geissler (Father), Alaina Geissler (Mother), Corbin Geissler (Brother), Marian Geissler (Sister)


Edric Geissler was born on Qur 5 of Arollan in 1299, the second son of merchants Lawrence and Alaina Geissler. Raised in the small town of Lindkirk in northern Grath, Edric was a voracious reader and showed an early aptitude for writing. Only sweets were able to capture as much of his attention. At one point his parents attempted to dissuade him from sweets by telling him that eventually giant ants would see him as candy and come for him. This failed to have the desired effect, but it did leave him terrified of formians to the present day.

As a teenager, Edric was hired by a local theater troupe interested in spicing up their scripts. The troupe maintained a tradition of adjourning to a nearby tavern after every performance – a tradition which Edric shortly joined them in. Unfortunately, the public was fickle and the troupe fell on hard times. Desperate to earn some gold, a few members of the troupe planned a heist and recruited the ever credulous Edric to assist. The scheme went disastrously awry, ending with all involved sentenced to a year in prison.

In prison, Edric was assigned to his cell block’s dueling team due to a modicum of theatrical fencing. He quickly learned that theatrical fencing was nothing like real fencing, but he managed to learn the basics before his year was up. Following his release, Edric decided to move on from drama and get a degree in literature and journalism. He signed on as a member with the local bard college writing pamphlets and news releases in order to pay his way through schooling and enrolled at [placeholder].

While at university, Edric picked up crossbow archery from a club on campus. He even managed to earn his degree without any major incident. During the graduation celebrations, however, he got extremely drunk and accidentally burned down a lecture hall while demonstrating a fire-breathing trick he learned during his theatre troupe days. As a result, he was once again arrested and sentenced to three months in prison.

Realizing that the constabulary now had an unfairly close eye on him, Edric decided it was time to leave town. Remembering his work with the bard college, he hit upon the idea of traveling across the world and writing a comprehensive guide to Carteth. With that plan firmly in mind, he purchased a train ticket to Elorell, reasoning that since it was in turmoil, it was the best place to start – the rest of the world was stable enough to wait a while (except for Telnath, but that was further away).

Stepping off of the train in Elorell, Edric assessed his meager belongings. He was woefully unprepared and under-equipped for his mission, and he knew it. Counting out what few coins he had left, he set out to find and hire someone willing to protect a journalist.

Edric Geissler

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