Cartethi Adventures

MM #1 - Prologue

If the day does not require an AK, it is good.

In-game dates 15/4/1330 – 24/4/1330

Hired by Tatjana Dobrevic to escort the Tokorov Caravan to Frewheln, Etana Sunwing called upon the few capable fighters she knew in Luka; the warrior-priest Faendel Tarasynora, the transmuter Tolo Vermello, and the scout Vorodir Gildire. Together, they set out on the sixteenth of Arollan.

Along the way, they inadvertently stumble upon a turf war between two odd rivals, a tribe of Aardvarkians and a tribe of Baboon Men, Fighting with an aardvarkian scouting party in the night and encountering a group of baboon men patrolling the road.

Finding their first opportunity to act as true caravan gaurds a few days later, the group spot and attack a group of Trash Ogres near the road. While they are victorious, the battle is intense, Vorodir being knocked unconscious and Etana near-fatally wounded before the last ogre falls.


thereisnotravis thereisnotravis

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